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Here come the independents

What happened? Nearly 65% of the 3,399 candidates who have registered to stand in the 11 April elections to a 155-seat constituent assembly are independents, not affiliated to any political party. The details:  Chile is about to embark on a vitally important experiment. Across Latin America voters are fed up with political parties, often seen […]

Beware complacency over Latin American recovery

What happened? On 5 January the World Bank published its global economic forecasts for 2021, noting that Latin America has been particularly hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. The details:  After a terrible 2020, there are hopes that the world economy might do a little better this year. The World Bank offers some, but rather […]

King coal – or dead duck?

What happened? Italian energy company Enel has announced it is closing its 128 MW Bocamina I coal-fired power plant in Coronel, Chile, three years ahead of schedule; with Bocamina II also set to close by May 2022, the company says it is rapidly moving towards a coal-free and more sustainable energy mix. The details:  Coal […]

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