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Peru’s hyper-volatile presidential elections

What happened: Just about every polling agency and political expert was confounded by the results of Peru’s first round presidential election last Sunday 11 April, with two almost completely unexpected candidates set to fight the second round. The implications for economic policy are uncertain.    The details: There were 18 candidates fighting the election and, […]

Cemex hoping for V-shaped recovery

What happened: After being dealt a body-blow by COVID-19 lockdowns Cemex, the Mexico-based global cement company, has reported a 19% increase in fourth quarter Ebitda to US$644mn, and may be positioned to enjoy a V-shaped recovery over the next few years.   The details: Relatively few Latin American companies can claim to have successfully “gone […]

Honduras rallies to protect the banana

What happened:  A small Honduras-based agricultural research centre says that with its partners it has developed 11 genetic hybrids of the Cavendish banana, part of the battle to protect it against the soil fungus known as TR4. The details:   The Cavendish banana, the most widely available in global supermarkets, is fighting for its life. The […]

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