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Sao Paulo could be among the first to offer electric air-taxis

What happened: Brazilian airline Gol Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes on 21 September announced a potentially revolutionary deal to buy or lease 250 UK-made electric-powered helicopters to provide a commercial air-taxi service in the city of Sao Paulo.   The details: Sao Paulo seems to have been chosen because it is a large, densely populated city with […]

Another Latin American triangle emerges

What happened: Foreign and trade ministers from Panama, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic said on 8 September that they are creating a new forum for dialogue between the three countries to be known as the ‘Caribbean Triangle’. The details: The ministers said that their aim is to create a tripartite alliance for economic discussions, […]

Where has the Paraná water gone?

What happened: Water levels in the Paraná, Latin America’s second longest river (4,800kms) after the Amazon (6,900kms) have reached their lowest point since the 1940s.    The details: Parts of Latin America are currently suffering a severe drought, and although scientists have different interpretations of what is going on, many link the situation to climate […]

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